Phoebe snow - it looks like snow

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Phoebe occasionally resorted to mugging to survive. At one point, when she was 14, she mugged Ross . (This was when these future friends were still strangers). One of the stolen items was the only existing copy of Ross's comic book, Science Boy . (" The One With The Mugging ")

An obituary on Wednesday about the singer-songwriter Phoebe Snow misidentified the producers of her first album, “Phoebe Snow,” on Shelter Records. They were Dino Airali and Phil Ramone, not Denny Cordell. (Mr. Cordell, the president of the label, produced earlier versions of some songs on the album, but nothing on the album itself. The tracks he produced were included on a later CD reissue of the album.) The obituary also misidentified the Shelter executive who discovered Ms. Snow at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village. It was Mr. Airali, not Mr. Cordell.

Phoebe Snow - It Looks Like SnowPhoebe Snow - It Looks Like Snow