The caves - sue

And they are also home to curious local legend, that if a lady falls along 'the women road' inside the cave, she will will soon be walking down the aisle with a royal suitor.

Trumps versus Puente Bridge Club

Our first team match of the second season of the Winter Sunshine Bridge League.  We welcomed our seasoned campaigners along with a few new faces.  Everyone played brilliantly and the team combinations worked well.  It was an afternoon of mixed fortunes with the results being very close until the end. Congratulations to Puente who emerged from the well-fought battle with a 97-83 point victory. We look forward to our next encounter.

Yes, I suffer from arachnophobia. I also live in the countryside, which means I spend a great deal of my time screaming for Sue to come and rescue me from the eight-legged ****ers.

The Caves - SueThe Caves - SueThe Caves - SueThe Caves - Sue